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What is polyester taffeta

Polyester taffeta is a thin polyester fabric, woven with polyester filaments, which has a bright appearance and a smooth feel. This kind of cloth is called polyester taffeta, which can be used for fabric and lining. Specifications are 190T, 210T, 230T, 290T, 300T, etc. After dyeing, printing, embossing, coating and other post-treatments, it has the advantages of light weight, durable, easy to wash, and cheap. Taff is used as lining accessories for all kinds of clothing and bags.

The polyester taffeta feels smooth, non-sticky, flexible, bright and dazzling, bright and eye-catching, not easy to wrinkle and deform, not easy to shrink, and the thickness of the monofilament is uniform, not easy to tear.

190T polyester taffeta PVC coating fabric: Apply a layer of PVC glue on the polyester taffeta fabric. Specifically, the required coating rubber particles such as PU glue, A / C glue, PVC, PE glue point, etc. are solved into a drool shape and then evenly coated on the fabric with a scraper (including cotton, polyester, and nylon) And other substrates), and then through the temperature fixing in the oven, so that a uniform covering rubber material is formed on the surface of the fabric, so as to achieve waterproof, windproof, vapor-permeable and other functions!

Textile polyester taffeta is widely used, not only can be made into a variety of clothing, luggage linings, compartments, but also suitable for jackets, down jackets, umbrellas, car clothing, tents, shower curtains, tablecloths and other production.