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What is jacquard fabric

There are all kinds of clothing textile fabrics on the market. These are constantly evolving fabrics with different properties to meet the needs of different people. They are selected by fashion designers to make stylish and beautiful clothes. Among these clothing fabrics, jacquard fabrics have to be mentioned, and there are many categories. For example, large jacquard contains cotton large jacquard, small large jacquard, artificial silk large jacquard, and so on. Today Huarui Knitting takes everyone to know about cotton jacquard fabric!

Pure cotton jacquard fabric is woven using Jingwei textile processing technology. At the time, the horizontal and vertical Rashen of the warp knitted fabric has very good ductility. The horizontal and vertical Rashen of warp knitted and woven jacquard is not extended Sexual, therefore, this also determines the versatility of cotton jacquard fabrics throughout the application process.

The solid color jacquard is a kind of large jacquard dyeing fabric. The texture of the fabric is woven out. It is not a general clothing print or embroidery. When weaving fabrics, weaves must be transformed through a powerful mechanism to produce flower patterns. The yarn counts are meticulous, and the relative density of needlework is high. They do not deform, fade, and have good comfort.

At the same time, this fabric has the advantages of pure natural color, simple and stylish, in addition, it has a delicate and smooth feel, good drape and breathability. In addition to custom work clothes, it can also be used for interior decoration, with a variety of furniture.