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Textile fabric coating overview

Fabric coating, as the name implies, is a layer of other materials on the surface of the fabric. This also means that the fabric coating has two processing objects - the base fabric, the coating material, and the technology that combines the two - coating technology.


The generalized coating technology also includes lamination, that is, applying a layer of adhesive on the base fabric, coating a film or other material, heating and pressing to form a composite fabric; or the film itself is a bonding material. Bond the base fabric to other materials.


In a narrow sense, it is the process of applying the coating material to the surface of the fabric. The coating method of the fabric coating is selected according to the product requirements and the characteristics of the coating agent used. Generally divided into direct coating method and indirect coating method. The direct coating method is to apply the coating agent directly and uniformly to the surface of the fabric by physical and mechanical methods; the indirect coating method is also called transfer coating, and the coating agent is first applied to the special anti-adhesive transfer paper by a doctor blade method. (also known as release paper). The fabric is then pressed to bond the coating to the fabric, and the transfer paper is separated from the fabric.