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Method of growing polyester fiber

Elastic polyester: how to stretch
All clothing should be slightly stretched to make it comfortable for long periods of use. You may not want to feel the tightness of the clothes, so when trying on clothes in stores, make sure they stretch and give the material.


Similarly, you do n’t want the clothes to completely deform after a few wears, so it ’s important to find a balanced average plan.


Polyester is an artificial material and is therefore designed to be as comfortable and elastic as possible. Many sportswear and outerwear are made of at least a small amount of polyester, so they should be comfortable and breathe for the wearer.


To understand whether polyester can stretch to the desired degree while maintaining its shape, you may need to do some research.


If you want to know the quality of polyester, please continue reading for more information.


To find out the characteristics of a material, you need to know what the material is made of. Polyester is produced through the chemical reaction between air, water, coal and petroleum. Let us see what kind of chemical reaction it is.


Oil by-products are mixed with other ingredients in a high-temperature vacuum. This process is called polymerization because it produces polymer materials.


This material is very hot, and the tensile force on the thread is five times its original length. These threads are then spun to twist various fibers together to form a durable material.


This process seems to be extensive, but it creates ideal materials for sports and low temperatures. Since polyester is made of hollow fibers, it can retain the heat of the user's body and keep it warm in cold weather.


However, it also has high water resistance, so sweat will not absorb the material. This makes polyester ideal for physical exercise, which is why so many running clothes are made of fabric.


Wearing sweat-soaked clothes can be uncomfortable and disgusting, so the feature of preventing fluids from absorbing into training clothes is very useful.


Now that you know exactly how to make polyester and how to make polyester, you can learn more about the material. Soon, you will see if you can stretch and wear comfortably.