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Knitted fabric is the ideal fabric for clothing

With the development of the times, knitted fabrics have entered the stage of multi-functional development, and various knitted fabrics with various texture effects and different functions have also appeared in everyone's field of vision.

1. Acetate fiber knitted fabric

Today, consumers are keen on the use of acetate woven georgette, popcorn and other fabrics. Because acetate fiber has the same fiber luster, bright color, drape and hand feeling; therefore, the knitted fabric produced by it has the advantages of smooth hand feeling, comfortable wearing, moisture absorption and breathability, light texture and low moisture regain.

2. Strong combed yarn knitted fabric

These fabrics are suitable fabrics for high-end business and casual wear. The cool hemp knit fabric made of strong combed yarn not only has a hemp yarn, but also a cool, hygroscopic silk twist is an ideal high-grade knitted fabric with excellent silk performance. It is also stiffer and has a body and has better resistance to sputum.

3, Coolmax fiber knitted fabric

These knitted fabrics have good moisture permeability and are widely used for sewing T-shirts, sportswear, and the like. Since these fabrics can quickly discharge the sweat generated by the human body to the surface of the garment, it is possible to keep the wearer's skin fresh.

4, Mozart fiber knitted fabric

Mozart fiber is a new type of environmentally friendly fiber. The clothing made from this kind of fabric can maximize the curve and charm of the human body. In addition, the comfort of the cotton collection, the drape of the adhesive, the strength of the polyester, and the feel of the silk are integrated, and after repeated washing, the soft and bright color can be maintained.

5. Flash knitted fabric

These knitted fabrics have the characteristics of glitter and have always been the designer's favorite. The fashionable women's dresses and evening dresses designed with such knitted fabrics can show the brilliance of knitted fabrics. In addition, these fabrics also have broad prospects for development.

6. Recycled green fiber Lyocel knitted fabric

The recycled green fiber Lyocel, Tencel and spandex bare silk interwoven with knitted jersey structure, rib, double rib and its varying structure of fabric, has the advantages of soft texture, smooth and smooth fabric, good elasticity, and is also designed for fashion tight fashion, The ideal high-grade knitted fabric for casual wear and sportswear.