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Is polyester fabric better than cotton fabric

Polyester vs cotton: differences and comparisons

There are various types and designs of jackets, but many of them have similarities.

Most jackets are made of similar materials, usually polyester or nylon. However, materials such as cotton and special films are also often used in many jackets.

In the previous material comparison, we studied nylon and polyester fibers separately, compared them with each other, and understood their use in jackets.

Today, we will do the same with two very different materials (cotton and polyester) and better understand them and their usage.

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2. Cotton
3. Polyester and cotton: comparison and difference
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1. Polyester fiber


Polyester fiber is one of the most commonly used fabrics in clothing and other necessities in our daily lives (such as bed sheets, tablecloths, socks and underwear).

Regarding outdoor clothing, especially jackets, polyester is a short fiber that can be used alone or as part of laminates and insulation. We will further discuss its use in jackets below.

In composition, as the name of the polyester implies, it is a long-chain polymer composed of several esters linked together.

Polyester shows certain quality as a fabric, which is why it is so widely used in the clothing industry.

In order to give you a quick understanding, its main features are hydrophobicity and durability. Polyester fibers are very durable because they can resist most chemicals, have sufficient heat resistance and wear resistance, and are very strong.

Polyester is crease-resistant as a fabric and is very good at maintaining its shape.

All these qualities play an important role in how fabrics are used in clothing. Anti-pilling is also an excellent quality of polyester, because despite its regular use, it can maintain its appearance for a long time.


Pilling is the formation of fine fluff balls on the surface of the fabric. It does not really affect its performance, but it is not the most flattering appearance because it makes the fabric look old and old.

The higher the quality of the fabric used, the lower the risk of pilling.

However, polyester has a major problem due to the lipophilicity of the fiber.

This means that even if it is washed several times, it can easily stain from oil-based stains and maintain body odor.

In any case, this will take time, which is not a pressing issue when buying jackets or any other polyester garments.