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Is it jacquard knitting or woven

Jacquard and damask: is there a difference?

Jacquard striped sweatshirt and brushed brocade printed T-shirt
The short answer is no: brocade is just one of several delicate patterns and woven materials called jacquards. But the jacquard shirts hanging in the closet, even neatly stacked on the chest of cedar wood, is a completely modern fashion fabric, which has a long history of hundreds of years. Read on to learn more about this classic woven textile.


What is jacquard?
Jacquard is a kind of fabric with complex motley or raised patterns, which is different from other pattern materials because the patterns are woven into them rather than printed on them. The pattern or image on the jacquard usually appears in a different color or texture from other materials, but it can be the same color. The jacquard design can be a complex Byzantine design (imagine a tapestry), or it can be as simple as a repeating geometric pattern.

The jacquard machine is woven on the loom. The loom is equipped with a machine head which is programmed to lift each warp yarn independently of other yarns (warp and weft yarns remain stationary). The jacquard loom provides better control of the loom and can interweave up to hundreds of warp yarns, inspiring countless possible designs. Multiple colors of threads can be used to create jacquard weave, resulting in complex gradients and patterns-landscapes, portraits and other unique patterns may appear in jacquard. Although it takes longer to create a jacquard weave, the result is that the fabric is more elastic and stable than the basic weave output. The drape and durability of the finished jacquard ultimately depend on the type of fiber used in weaving.

Jacquard knitted skirt
The jacquard knitted fabric is a single or double weave with a pattern on the surface, which is achieved by controlling the jacquard on the knitting machine. Any kind of yarn can be used to make jacquard knitted fabric. The back of a single jacquard knitted fabric will have "float" -yarn interweaving or floating on other yarns without interweaving. Satin is a kind of jacquard, and the familiar luster is obtained from the floating flowers on the surface of the woven fabric. Turn over the damask and you will find a buoy on the back. The yarn not used in the pattern passes through the back of the fabric to the next interlaced position.


What is Brocade?
Damask is just an example of jacquard. Jacquard is a thick fabric with colorful raised patterns or floral patterns with relief or embroidery effects. It may or may not be merged into a gold or silver line. The term itself does not imply a specific weave, but rather describes the aesthetic effect of this usually delicate fabric.

Unlike brocade, brocade is irreversible. In the continuous tapestry, the weft thread remains on the back. Sometimes, these floats are cut away, making the short cut and short cut ends visible. In discontinuous brocade, other yarns used to make delicate patterns are only woven into the pattern area, making the back smoother. In short, the back of a typical damask is a mess, and this distinction helps sell it as damask.