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How to choose mattress fabric?

The fabric of the mattress is the clothes of the mattress, but for the mattress, it is not enough to look at the value of the fabric. It is also necessary to find out whether the fabric of the mattress matches the demand, whether it is scientific, environmentally friendly and healthy.

Soft and wear-resistant is the most basic requirement for mattress fabrics. But soft and wearable can only be the most basic characteristics of the mattress, just like the most basic function of the mobile phone is to make calls and send text messages. With the development of technology, the mobile phone has been intelligent, not only can simply send messages, but also The important thing is to take the functions of surfing the Internet, taking photos, watching videos, listening to music, and so on. The same is true for mattresses. When the simple functions are met, they need to be upgraded. Until today, the fabric of the mattress has been given too much expectation and value. For example, the appearance of the mattress fabric determines the color and fashion of the home products. The material of the mattress fabric determines the comfort level of the mattress. Therefore, when selecting, we must consider a variety of factors to consider.

Traditional mattress fabrics include knitted fabrics, jacquard fabrics, washed fabrics, etc. These fabrics have more or less defects, such as insufficient extension, not good dehumidification and heat absorption, or can not withstand washing and so on. . The mattress is developed and produced from the drawbacks of the mattress fabric. First, the materials that match the characteristics of the mattress fabric are selected, and then the subdivisions are improved on these materials, incorporating advanced science and technology, injecting fashion elements, and then the material of the mattress. One-to-one matching, and finally form a mattress fabric that is unique to the mattress.

The fabric of the mattress is always pursuing a sense of quality, and both the touch and the appearance are worthy of praise. There are mainly the following kinds of mattresses, silk fabrics make people sleep peacefully, choose the original silk fabric, harvested from silk, natural skin-friendly, silky and comfortable, sleep and care for the skin; C+ of the mattress Bamboo bamboo fiber fabric has good breathability and ability to absorb and evaporate water; the skin-friendly blended knit fabric of the mattress has a milky silky touch, soft and comfortable, skin-friendly, elastic, and tensile and wear resistant, with six sides The honeycomb design of the honeycomb design is ergonomically designed to fit the human body; the ALOE plant fabric of the mattress is a new healthy and environmentally friendly fabric, and the fine aloe masterbatch is closely attached to the fabric fiber for the touch of the main material of the mattress fabric. Smooth, breathable and dehumidifying, moisturizing and caring for the skin during sleep; the high-density 3D breathable mesh fabric of the mattress is made by adding a fine bamboo-flavored carbon masterbatch into the 3D fabric through a special process, and the surface has a breathable mesh of the order of 100,000. The hole can maintain the comfortable and breathable surface of the human skin, and quickly and effectively discharge the moisture and odor in the mattress and replenish the fresh air.

When the fabric meets the mattress, the selection is no longer a problem. No matter which fabric of the mattress conforms to the healthy and environmentally-friendly life philosophy, the mattress is always going all out.