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Common types of sleepwear fabrics

The quality of pajamas' fabrics has a certain degree of influence on our sleep quality. If we don't sleep well at night, it affects our efficiency of studying and working during the day. And a set of comfortable pajamas can make us sleep well at night, what kind of pajamas are good? What are the common types of sleepwear fabrics?

Needless to say, cotton pajamas are used as pajamas fabrics that can be used all year round. Because of the fabrics made of cotton materials, they have good moisture absorption, breathability, gentle muscle, non-irritating, let us It is comfortable to wear and safe to wear.

Flannel is a kind of fabric with high warmth in pajamas. Its appearance is very delicate and soft to the touch. It is especially suitable for wearing in autumn and winter. The main component of flannel is polyester fiber. After treatment, it will have a better three-dimensional feeling, the fabric is more wear-resistant, and it is not easy to wrinkle and lint. Of course, the price of flannel pajamas is not high, which is a higher cost-effective product.

3.Bamboo fiber
All aspects of bamboo fiber fabrics are in line with the concept of health and environmental protection, and are also more popular fabrics in recent years. Bamboo fiber fabrics have some very good moisture absorption, breathability, antibacterial and deodorizing properties, which are characteristics that some natural fibers do not have.

Lace pajamas have always been favored by many women for its unique romance and sensuality. Lace fabric is light and breathable, which will be cooler in summer; and it is very light on the body without any sense of heaviness. Huarui knitted cotton fabric manufacturers said: Compared with pure cotton, lace pajamas are not easy to wrinkle, it is not easy to shrink, and they are easy to wear.
However, because lace is a chemical fiber fabric, it has a certain stimulus to the body, but with the enhancement of scientific and technological research and development capabilities, this irritation will be reduced to a low point.

5, cotton and linen
Cotton and linen pajamas are mainly used in summer. Its main component is cotton + linen. The presence of linen makes the nightwear more breathable. At the same time, linen also has strong hygroscopicity, which can quickly absorb human sweat and evaporate it into the air. Keeps human skin dry and comfortable.