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Basic knowledge of printed coarse needle down fabric

Printed thick needle down fabric is one of the process methods for weaving and dyeing fabrics. Since paint is different from dyes, it has no direct effect on fibers. Can not be combined with fiber, it is only an insoluble colored powder, mostly organic compounds, but also inorganic substances. The principle of its "coloring" on fibers is to use a synthetic resin that can form a strong film and fix it on the surface of the fiber, so it can be printed on fabrics of various fibers.

Printed thick needle down fabric, with bright and gorgeous color, good light stability. It can give the fabric a full, dry and soft feel, especially with excellent rubbing fastness. When used correctly, the dry and wet rubbing fastness can reach ≥ level 4 (for reference only). It has excellent washing fastness and good air permeability of the fabric.

The printing color paste has excellent chemical and physical stability and is not affected by the components of the printing paste. The mesh penetration is good, and the printing machine is easy to clean.

By comparing the hardness difference between printed and unprinted parts on the same fabric, it is possible to distinguish between paint printing and dye printing. Painted areas are slightly harder than unprinted areas and may be thicker. If the fabric is printed with dye, there is no obvious difference in hardness between the printed part and the unprinted part.