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5 kinds of embroidery fabrics and how to use them

The fabrics used for embroidery have different counts as well as cotton, linen and blends. The fabric you choose will depend on the fabric you intend to make and the embroidery technology used. This is a basic list of the most common embroidered fabrics you can find in stores, as well as unconventional sources you can find in family stores.


Tencel fabric
Assorted woven fabrics

The tightly woven uniformly woven fabric is best for surface embroidering, while the loosely woven fabric is ideal for counting threads, pull threads and pull thread technology.

The fiber content of plain weave fabrics can be a mixture of cotton, linen, rayon and polyester, or even hemp or bamboo.

Evenweave fabrics are available in a variety of colors, with thread counts ranging from fine 32-thread linen to rougher 18-thread.


Various Aida fabrics
Aida cloth is very popular in cross stitch because of its easy-to-count square pattern, but it can also be used for counting threads, Assisi embroidery or surface embroidery technology.

This cloth is woven with groups of fibers, forming a square that is easy to follow on the fabric. When using cross stitch, embroider a needle on each square. Aida offers a variety of solid colors and background printing, patterned or textured varieties.

The fiber content can be cotton, linen or rayon, and the size range is 11 counts to 22 counts (the count is the square of the fabric per inch).

Herta cloth is a large area fabric of 6 square inches per inch, which is technically Aida, because it is easy to count, so it is very suitable for beginners to sew.

Hardanger fabric
Hardanger fabric is a 100% cotton 22-count plain weave fabric. It originated in Norway and is woven from double threads. Each dual thread group counts as one.

Hardanger can be used for Hardanger embroidery, blackwork, carving and counting line technology. When using Hardanger fabric for cross stitch, it needs to be processed on 2 thread groups, so it counts 11 grids per inch.

It offers limited color options.

Oslo fabrics are similar to Hardanger fabrics and can be used in the same way.


Vintage towel
A variety of ready-made and yard towels can be used for embroidery, and can be used for embroidery modern and retro projects.

Various ready-made items are also very suitable for embroidery-especially surface embroidery technology.

Use embroidered sheets, pillowcases and blankets to customize the decoration. Or, embroider embroidered napkins, placemats and table flags on the restaurant to match your favorite tableware.